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A woman presents with a fluctuant non tender swelling at the introitus.The best treatment is: A.Marsupialisation B.切开引流C。Surgical resection D. Aspiration  The Correct Answer is A.Marsupialisation The diagnosis in the question points towards the diagnosis of Bartholin's cyst.Though both surgical resection and marsupialisation are used in the surgical [...]

A 35-year-old Woman consults an Ophthalmologist because of Double Vision

A 35-year-old woman consults an ophthalmologist because of double vision and droopy eyelids.She also has complaints of generalized muscle weakness.四、大剂量注射edrophonium,but only briefly,reverses her symptoms.This patient's probable disease has a pathophysiologic basis that is closest to that of which of the following conditions?A.Bullous pemphigoid B.[...]

A 50-year-old man consults a physician because he has been having transient periods of rapid heart beat accompanied by sweating,冲洗,and a sense of impending doom.体检没有透露,with no evidence of arrhythmia at the time of the exam.然而,the man's wife is a nurse,so the physician asks that she [...]

72 Year Old Man with 3 Day History of Right-Sided Chest Pain

一名72岁的男子来看医生,因为他有3天的右侧胸痛病史。他否认呼吸急促,恶心或呕吐。Physical examination shows a unilateral,erythematous,黄斑丘疹从胸部前壁向背部呈皮瘤样扩展。The remainder of the examination is normal.在谈话中,[...]


A 40-year-old man is brought to the emergency room by his friends.显然地,他在自杀企图中吞下了一些未知的药物。病人对时间失去方向感。His temperature is 39.3 C (103 F),blood pressure is 120/85 mm Hg,脉搏100/min,不规则,and respirations are 22/min.皮肤又红又干。[...]

A 45-Year-Old Patient on Hemodialysis for One Week

A 45-year-old patient on hemodialysis for one week has noted that his blood pressure is more difficult to control.He reports good compliance with his medications,包括促红细胞生成素,ferrous sulfate,vancomycin,维生素D。他的血压是180/99毫米汞柱。Which of the following is the most likely cause for the worsening control of [...]

A 70-year-old woman has been in long-standing poor health,患有严重的糖尿病和类风湿性关节炎。Her physician notes that she appears pale and orders a hematocrit,which shows a result of 35%.Examination of the blood smear reveals a microcytic anemia.The physician is considering a differential diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia versus anemia of [...]

A. Pulmonary stenosis B.主动脉瓣狭窄。Aortic insufficiency D.Mitral stenosis E.Mitral insufficiency The Correct Answer is D.Mitral stenosis [AMAZONPRODUCT=1607950375] Mitral stenosis Although not usually severe,the commonest forms of pulmonary hypertension are those that occur secondary to chronic lung disease and left ventricular failure.Thus,pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular hypertrophy (cor pulmonale) [...]

A.Cyanosis B.Hypertrophic left ventricle C.左心房肥厚。Hypertrophic media of pulmonary arterioles E.Hypertrophic media of pulmonary veins The Correct Answer is A.Cyanosis FEATURES OF TETRALOGY OF FALLOT: Most common form of cyanotic heart disease;6-10% of all congenital heart disease.大室间隔缺损星座,Right Ventricle Outlet Track obstruction (pulmonic stenosis),[...]

Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension:

A.Is common B.Occurs mainly in young men C.May be present with congenital heart disease D.Is associated with chest pain,dyspnea and syncope E.Is seen frequently together with idiopathic systemic hypertension The Correct answer is D.Is associated with chest pain,dyspnea and syncope Primary (Idiopathic) Pulmonary Hypertension: 2′ to persistently increased fetal [...]

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